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The PortalGun module allows defining UI in one place in the tree, and shooting it to a near-by location elsewhere in the tree.


import usePortalGun from 'rearm/lib/PortalGunHooks';

First you'll need a hook usePortalGun. Each hook gets its own Source and Dest component. You may use Dest multiple times, but with multiple Source elements the order of results is undefined.

function TestUi() {
const [Source, Dest] = usePortalGun();
return (
<TestSource Source={Source} />
<div data-testid="dest">
<Dest />

Then you'll need a component to provide the value for Source. In this example, that'll be done inside TestSource.

function TestSource({ Source }) {
const [counter, setCounter] = React.useState(1);
return (
<button data-testid="incr" onClick={() => setCounter(c => c + 1)}>Incr</button>
<span data-testid="source">{`Count: ${counter}`}</span>

Note that in this case, TestSource holds the full state and defines the UI for representing that state, but TestUi decides where to put the rendered output.

If there isn't currently a Source element, then Dest will render nothing.